An Economic Operator requiring clarifications or additional information regarding the procedure for the conduct of the concessionaire designation procedure, the concession award criteria or the concession documents, may send an electronic request for clarification and additional information to the Commission of the Grantor by the e-mail to the email specified in the notice of the concessionaire designation procedure or in the the concession documents, or by letter to MTITC at the address 9, Dyacon Ignatiy Str., 1000 Sofia, no later than 14 days before the time limit for the submission of applications and tenders.

Within four working days from the receipt of the request but not later than six days before the expiry of the time limit for the receipt of applications or tenders, the official designated by the grantor shall publish clarifications or additional information provided by the commission for conduct of a concessionaire designation procedure on the record of the procedure in the National Concessions Register and in the "Q&A" section of the Data Room without indicating the requester.

The Commission will not send any replies and clarifications to the economic operator who made the request and to other economic operators. It is up to each economic operator to keep track of the published responses in this manner.

Dear users, please use the attached form to ask questions when requesting additional information and clarification regarding the concession award procedure at port terminal with a winter storage - Ruse, part of port for public transport Ruse.

For the convenience of the participants, a Summary Table of the received questions and answers is published, which is also published on the website of the National Concessions Register, in accordance with the requirements of the Concessions Act. The table is updated periodically and contains a summary of the information provided in the files below.